Pioneering Men Healthcare

Maintaining our overall health is something that all of us want to do. However, the matter is more complex than it appears. In this regard, Numan is a name that will strike your curiosity. The company is regulated by Care Quality Commissions that is based in England and is independent health care regulators. The healthcare model resounds with the Birchbox, but instead of clothes, Numan allows you access to medications and healthcare services. In addition to that, it intends to allow you access to affordable care, and dominate genuine information regarding various health issues.


The initial model of the services will focus on the medication that is provided to you on subscriptions, however, it will also provide you with the medical products at your doorsteps. In addition to that, it further provides you suggestions and information to promote a healthy lifestyle and clear the confusion on various treatments. The primary concentration of the content will be men’s health, drugs, procedures, and information regarding various services.

Services offered:

Answers to our general as well as specific problems need unique solutions, and this is where comes into the picture. The company approaches health care in a unique approach, and the experts are well-known to understand, and diagnose the problems. The services will include sexual health, hair health, health diagnostics, nutritional health, lung health, and gut health.

Pioneering Men Healthcare

How Numan works: offers its healthcare services and ensures that the services are conveniently provided to you. So, in this case, you will notice the sophistication of the platform as well as of the services. You will have access to the free online consultation. However, you will have to be reviewed by the experts. You can expect the prescriptions to be approved in a single day. Once the treatment is approved, it will be delivered to you as soon as possible. The company offers free 24-hours delivery. It’s equally important to mention that if you require to change any medications or any questions arise, then you can also contact the clinicians for resolution. Besides that, if you are dissatisfied with any of the services, or you feel that they aren’t required anymore, then you can simply cancel them.

How to get started?

Pioneering Men Healthcare

Numan makes healthcare a click far. Once you identify your problem, you can then access the platform. At the bottom of the screen, click on get started. Then you will be taken to the next screen, where you will have to answer some basic questions. This will allow the experts to get an idea of your problems, age, and how to access that. It’s noteworthy to mention that the question will vary from problem to problem. Once your information has been received, the clinicians will offer you the treatment plans. You will be offered a variety in the plans, and depending on the duration, you can select the best one that fits your budget.


Numan makes approaches the men’s health care in a convenient approach. However, you will have to provide your medical history to get started.

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