Video Section News Film
2014Ma Yao Nantou the competition Lantern
Farm lifer Lantern area
North Lantern Area the Fortune Turns Lantern
2014 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Nantou
Tourism Lantern Area present different Nantou
Lantern Festival presentation
Lantern Festival Food Zone
Lantern Festival Competition
Lantern Festival News
Li-Ren Lantern Area
The Li Ren Lantern area created process
The main Lantern Setting Ceremony
Lantern Festival News
Pro-magistrate Zi-Nan Temple Wishing
Love yacht ~ For 2/14 Valentine's Day
Lantern Festival Chinese News commercial
Taiwan Lantern Festival the new Lantern
Fun Mei community Lantern Light on
Taking the lead
North Lantern Area Light on
Formosa Aboriginal Lantern light on testing
JiJi local Lantern visiting time 1/31 to2/16
Lantern preparing process
North Lantern Area the Lion Spiritual Avenue
North Lantern Area Light on!
Religion Lantern Free Small Gift
Competition Lantern Area 800 different creations
Exchange the Lantern dolls
News conference
Groundbreaking Ceremony
Free Hand Lantern
The final created section of the Li Ren lantern area
The first time of community created a lantern area
Lantern Festival Dolls exchange
Lantern news conference
Lantern teaching the second section
Lantern Festival rehearal
789 different competition Latnerns
Latnern Festival post office service station
Formosa Aboriginal Lantern the tradidtional aboriginal costumes
Vice-president came to the Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival Opening Ceremony
Parade Performing
County Lantern Area, different lanterns.
Lantern Festival competation Lantern
2/17 to 2/21 the Free hand lantern at the North transfer post 1 and 2
Craft Lantern Area
Lantern Festival the Lions Clubs International
The beautiful Li Ren Lantern area
Lantern Festival the charity concert
The carving melon lantern
Service station provide vwheel chair and stroller
Ten Drums Performing
Craft Lantern Area
2014 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Chung Xin New village
2/19 the National Hakka Day
Light on Ceremony at the South lantern area
South Lantern Area, Band performing
Hakka Day
Shaanxi local folk performing
Industry Lantern Area
The Lantern Festival officially closed.

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