There are five presentations about this year’s Taiwan Lantern
For those who are live around the festival locale the county government has five presentation about
the traffic control, dumping trash area and the lantern area control.
Hope you join this Festival.
From 103/1/14 to 103/1/20, there are five presentations schedule.
First 103/1/14 (Tues.) 2a.m. at the Guāngróng elementary school’s activity center
Second 103/1/15 (Wed.) 2a.m. at the Guanghua elementary school’s activity center.
Third 103/1/16 (Thus.) 9p.m. at the Guāngmíng Vil’s activity center.
Fourth 103/1/16 (Thus.) 2a.m. at the Guānghuī Vil’s activity center.
Fifth 103/1/20 (Mon.) 9p.m. at the Guāng hua elementary school’s activity center.

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