Long Ju Teng Yao
Lantern Festival celebrating the gloriousNantou
2014 is horse years in Chinese new year. The main lantern was named by Yǒng-Yì Céng the professor of Shin Hisn University. It’s the highest lantern than ever, 23meter high and 30ton. The designer used the an ancient fine horse standing on the top of the Mt. Morrison and there are two hundred thousand LED lamps on the main lantern. The main scheme of design is green power.
The light on stage is around the main lantern, and the traditional lantern area is combine with the shinny loop and wishing forest. The ideal designed of light on stage is from Sun Moon Lake and particular animals in Nantou (like butterflies, frogs, sambhars, Formosan black bears and owls ). In the light on stage you can see the peripheral views of Sun Moon Lake such as Lalu Island, Tsen Pagoda, four hands fishing net and cable car.

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