Governor's Invitation

                          You need to come to Nantou then you will find out the

                                             best thing about Nantou county

Nantou county is the most positive and expect to hold the Taiwan lantern festival because,
it has been 6 years to strived this chance to achieve. When we got this chance all locals
were very happy and cheerful, and people started to arrange the 2014 Taiwan lantern

For the past few years, the foreign tourists came to visited Nantou has been increasing, but
we still hope that everybody could see the progress of Nantou county in this few years. This
is the chance to show you what is Nantou on this Festival.

In 2014 the motif of the lantern festival is "Ma Yao Nantou", and "Love of Earth, Heart of
Taiwan" for the spiritual theme. We will completely show you the unique Nantou "the land, 
arts and people" makes Nantou more brighter.

All locals are sincere and hospitality, and entertain the different people from the world. It
will be a wonderful and unforgettable memory.

We will do our best on the Taiwan lantern festival. Come to Nantou county you will see our
best views, lands, people and the greatest foods. At the end we are sincerely inviting you to
this Taiwan Lantern Festival.

Nantou County Government
Address:No.660, Zhongxing Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 54001
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