Shows List of Opening Ceremony
【2014/2/14 (Fri.)】(Main Stage)
TimeShow list
14:00Parade Star
16:00Parade End
16:35 Show time
16:40The head of Tourism Bureau Speech
16:43Bunun Tribe Performing
16:50Nantou Folk Dance
17:00National TaiChung Wen-Hua High School Dance Performing
17:05YOSAKOI Group Performing
18:15Atayal Tribe Dance Performing
18:20Tourism Association Performing
18:30Ten Drums
18:40Ju Percussion Group
18:55Light on Ceremony
18:58Pro-magistrate Speech
19:01The head of Traffic Bureau Speech
19:04The head of Executive Speech
19:07President Speech
19:18Light on six steps:
1、The Great Beautiful Mt. Morrison prop up the Sky
2、Bring the Good Lucky to everyone
3、Horse Taking the lead
4、Taiwan will be successful and become better.
5、Great Development all around Taiwan
6、Wonderful and Beautiful Taiwan
19:21Fire Work show
19:35-22:00Shaanxi province Fire Drum Group
Main Lantern Show
Shaanxi province Fire Drum Group
Cosmetic Corporation Performing

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