Services Planning

Service Stations LocationMedical Stations and Breastfeeding Rooms LocationJob service station LocationFour Fire Station Location
Toilets Location

Service Stations Location

1.Three service station around the north&south transfer post
2.Taiwan Bank
3.GuangHua Four Rd.
4.Chung-Xing High School Front Gate
5.GuangRong E Rd. No12
6.GuangRong E Rd. Sec Str

Medical Stations and Breastfeeding Rooms Location

1.Near the Chung-Xing monumental
2.Chung-Xing High School Activity Center
3.By the side of the Farm life Lantern Area
4.At the Garage of the Council Of Agriculture
5.Chung-Xing Hospital

Job service station Location

1.In front the Post Office

Four Fire Station Location

1.At the Garage of the Council Of Agriculture
2.Chung-Xing High School Activity Center
3.Chung-Xing Fire Station
4.GuangMing Village  Activity Center

Toilets Location

2/7~2/12Parking Space&Toilet Amount
1A-1North 2 transfer post 25 toilets
2North 1 transfer post 25 toilets
3Information Building10 toilets


2/7~2/12Parking Space&Toilet Amount
No.LocationParking spaceNote
P1Taiwan times village104020 toilets
P2Caotun police station81020 toilets
P4zu ci bridge north side45010 toilets
P5 zu ci bridge south side134120 toilets


2/13~2/23Parking Space&Toilet Amount
No.LocationParking spaceNote
P1Taiwan times village104030 toilets
P2Caotun police station81030 toilets
P3De Xing baseball field75120 toilets
P4zu ci bridge north side45020 toilets
P5zu ci bridge south side134135 toilets
P6Xingyi Str94420 toilets
P7Tai tang gas station192645 toilets


2/13~2/23Parking Space&Toilet Amount
1A-1North 2 transfer post60 toilets
2North 1 transfer post50 toilets
3Information Building20 toilets
4A-2First traditional market30 toilets
5Guanghua elementary school30 toilets
6BSingle dormitory60 toilets
7C-1The parking space of Guangrong  elementary school30 toilets
8Third traditional parking space20 toilets
9C-2The alley Across Foods area D zone40 toilets
10South transfer post60 toilets

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