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Craft Lantern Area
There are two subjects of Nantou craft lantern area. The first is outdoor lantern area and the other is indoor display area, there are two parts of outdoor lantern area. The first is industry creation lantern area and other is lantern gallery all lanterns were made by the local artist. For indoor display area we represent the craftsman’s creations.

Industry Lantern Area
We invited all industries and enterprises to join this year lantern festival. All lantern were represent the different industries and enterprises.

Chung-Hsing Hall
Chung-Hsing Hall is white building with the red roof with the baroque style. In this lantern area we use the special technique to show the history of the Chung-Hsing Hall.

County Lantern Area
We invited the eight different counties in China to decorated this lantern area, and you can see all the different culture in this lantern area.

Creativity and Designing Lantern Area
We invited the all universities in the middle part of Taiwan, and showing their imagination to created a different and innovation’s lantern.

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